medal in frame® is the company that designed and made the first fully customisable medal display frames in different materials but all from recycled paper, metal or plastic. The idea is simple: to create a wide collection of products that allows athletes and sports enthusiasts alike to create their own medal display, using the online configurator, for showing off medals, photographs and race bibs, or simply buy a frame and hang medals or medals and bibs.


Sports mementos are the fruit of hard work, effort and passion, and medal in frame® is the ideal way to display them and give them the place of honour they deserve.

High quality

medal in frame® emphasized the use of high quality materials. All products are compiled with the utmost care for you.


the medal in frame® products are individual in design and flexible in use and re-use.


the medal in frame® products and their packaging are 100 % recyclable and awarded the FSC seal.