We are passionate sportsmen, with running in our hearts, ready to take on new sporting challenges: giving visibility to them is the objective of our project, to remind us of the path that led us to obtain that medal, that photo that portrays us smiling at the finish line or that bib that we attached to our jersey.

The idea is simple: a medal display, customizable with the online configurator, where you can display medals, bibs and photos.

With medal in frame, sporting memories, the result of great commitment, effort and passion find a place of honor and visibility that they deserve.

Being proud and proud of your success is possible by choosing one of our products: medal in frame®, medal book™ and medal metal™, for every need the right solution.
The materials we have chosen, with great care and attention, are paper, aluminum or plastic, all strictly recycled.

Not only running!
Our e-commerce is also aimed at fans of other sports: the wide range of customizations ranges in many other sports, for each the ideal medal display.

The stages of our history:

– 2011 is the year of foundation of Medal in Frame Ltd. based in London
– 2017 medal in frame Italy Srl. with headquarters in Milan is born
– 2018 two new products are born: the medal book ™ and the medal metal ™